5 Awesome Benefits Of CBD!

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  1. Anxiety Reducer

One of the drawbacks of using marijuana as a medical treatment for those suffering from anxiety disorders is that some strains of the drug can intensify anxious feelings. But a 2011 study with 24 volunteers suffering from social anxiety got promising results. Consuming a CBD dosage an hour and a half before a public speaking exercise allowed them to remain calm and successfully deliver presentations. In comparison, a placebo receiving group delivering presentations under the same circumstances reported anxiety, discomfort, and functioning problems. In addition to providing relief from social anxiety issues, researchers think that the drug can be used to treat other anxiety disorders as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  1. Treats Seizures

A 2014 study conducted by Stanford University focused on 19 children suffering from frequent seizures caused by epilepsy. After following a course of CBD treatment, their parents reported a reduction in seizures for all participants. Two percent of the participating subjects reported a cessation of seizures altogether. Another six percent reported a decline in seizures by more than 50 percent. All participants reported at least some degree of seizure relief as a result of consuming CBD. In addition to seizure relief, participants consuming CBD reported better sleep and alertness following sleep while participating in the study. A subsequent 2014 study with a larger group over a longer time frame had less dramatic results. However, 32 percent of the participants in the later study still reported a decline in seizures of as much as 50 percent after using CBD.

  1. Can Improve Heart Health

A 2013 British study indicated that CBD consumption could improve cardiovascular health. This was seen when a patient was suffering from concurrent health issues such as high glucose levels, diabetes, and “leaky gut syndrome.”

  1. Relieves Chronic Pain

Separate studies conducted in the United States and Canada with humans and animals showed that CBD consumption seemed to relieve both pain and inflammation in all subjects. Noted that “the treatment also blocked neuropathic pain in subjects without causing a related treatment dependency.” In the Canadian study, subjects suffering from multiple sclerosis received added CBD benefit when it was combined with a THD buccal spray.

  1. Cancer Fighter

Past studies have indicated that CBD therapy inhibits cancer cell invasion, migration, and adhesion. A 2011 study focusing on breast cancer showed that CBD use destroyed cancerous cells, and seemed to inhibit the production of new ones. The study also showed that healthy mammary cells suffered no ill effects from CBD therapy. In addition to breast cancer, CBD use has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer in the lung and colon. CBD also appears to have anti-tumor properties. Study participants have been able to consume as much as 700 milligrams of CBD per day for prolonged periods with no apparent ill effects. Given the necessity for lengthy drug therapies for many types of cancer, this makes CBD a particularly exciting potential medical tool.

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