How will the CBD help with PMS?

cbd pms

Doctors are recommending women that are suffering from the PMS to consume the CBD because it will help relieve the symptoms. PMS is known as the premenstrual syndrome, before a woman’s period they will get the set symptoms 1-2 weeks before. The common symptoms that the woman will experience during the PMS is the mood change, cramps, bloating, acne, breast tenderness, and bowel change. CBD will be found in marijuana in the form of a non-psychoactive compound which has so many health benefits. For many women, the wonder is if it will be able to help with the menstrual cramps and PMS. Research is still in the infancy stage. Preliminary evidence says that the CBD will help with the various symptoms of PMS. A report that was carried in 2011 showed that 80% of the women that were in the stage of pre-menopausal at least would experience one of the PMS symptoms which makes it common. The women that have the symptoms that are enough to be treated for the PMS are 30%. Here are some of the ways the CBD will be able to assist with the PMS.

CBD easing the symptoms

No research has been carried to show the effects that CBD has on PMS specifically. However, CBD contains some properties that will assist in treating PMS. The reason why doctors recommend the patients to take it. The symptoms that CBD will be able to address when it comes to the PMS symptoms include pain, cramps, acne, mood changes, and headaches.

Pains and aches

Aches and pains are among the symptoms that will be experienced by a woman that has the PMS, and CBD one of the effects that it has is pain-relieving. A study carried on 2017, showed that CBD could be able to reduce the perception of pain and emotional impact too. It has been used to treat cancer pain and chronic pain. That’s the reason why the CBD will be helping in relieving someone of the PMS pain like headaches, backaches, and cramps. CBD is helpful when it comes to the anti-inflammatory agent. The symptoms of PMS that are painful have a link with inflammation.

Mood change

It’s challenging for the woman that suffers from PMS to control their moods, which leads to constant mood swings. The mood swings though some women just take it lightly, and these symptoms can become so stressful for some women. No research has shown the link that CBD has when it comes to PMS mood change symptoms, CBD has been helpful with some of the related symptoms. Over several years those people that suffered from depression, anxiety, mood disorder, and bipolar disorder CBD have played a vital role in getting them back in shape. This is the reason why it will be the best in treating depression and anxiety that is usually caused by mood swings.  When CBD is compared to THC, it does not have the mind-altering effect.



For the cramps, they will be experienced during PMS, and once periods begin. One effect that CBD is known for is that it’s useful for relieving pain, and that’s why it will alleviate the muscle spasms that are the cause of the cramping pain. A study of Sativex that was carried in 2016 showed that a mixture of 1:1 of the THC and CBD discovered that it would effectively treat the spasticity in MS patients. It might all seems like a stretch, but it was enough evidence that showed CBD was the best in the treatment of cramps. You can still do more research on the web because there is so much anecdotal evidence on the research of the CBD’s ability to treat cramps.


Hormonal acne is common for women during the PMS stage. It’s very frustrating to the women and can be treated topically, and the products that contain CBD can be helpful. A 2014 study, showed that product that has the CBD would reduce the sebum production because it’s the oils that will clog the pores thus causing acne. What is not clear is if you only have to apply the CBD or oral and inhaled CBD will be helpful too.

What the experts have to say?

Doctors state that for some of their patients who have severe PMS symptoms they would recommend the CBD. Dr. Julie Holland that specializes in medical marijuana and psychiatrist says that for people that come to her suffering from the PMS and menstrual cramps she usually recommends medicines that are marijuana-based. She adds it and says that CBD is helpful when it comes to anxiety, and helps with the anti-inflammatory and it has the property of muscle relaxing. Dr. Holland will alternate CBD with people that don’t like highness that someone gets with HTC. You can wonder about the dose that will assist with the PMS symptoms. No research has been carried to prove the CBD to treat PMS, the benchmark for the doctors can be used as recommendations. Dr. Shivani Amin, the MD of the Green Health Docs says that if you were to take the CBD, you should start with a light dosage that is 15mg. Dr. Amin, the prescriptions that she gives her patients is that they take one dose in the morning and the next one midday if necessary. With any medication, it’s always recommended that you start slowly as you increase the dosage until you get the relief.

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