What types of CBD supplements are best for Kids?

By July 7, 2018Blog, CBD Benefits
cbd best for kids

As you might be aware, pure CBD oil not only contains CBD, but also other cannabinoids, as well as essential minerals, vitamins, protein, fatty acids, fiber, chlorophyll, terpenes, and flavonoids. And with studies showing proof that CBD is helpful in treating conditions such as autism, childhood epilepsy disorders, and even some type of cancers, parents and guardians are gradually turning to this natural, safe, non-psychoactive compound with the aim of treating their kids’ severe health conditions.

Types of CBD supplements are ideal for children

Generally, there is no CBD supplement that is a one-fit-all for children. An ideal product will be the one that provides enough CBD content for your kid and comes in a form that your kid is comfortable taking.

Generally, the ideal CBD dose your kids should take on a daily basis largely depends on their body size, the condition they are suffering from, and is something that you should seek advice from an expert. Alternatively, you can find the CBD content of a supplement, and its dosage guidelines clearly displayed on its packing.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular CBD products, exploring the potential pros and cons which you may need to consider as you decide which product is ideal for your kid.

Pure CBD oil

Pure CBD oil, an extract of hemp, can be taken in various ways. The sublingual method is a popular technique when it comes to taking CBD. Here, the CBD oil is placed under the tongue, and it quickly diffuses into the bloodstream via minuscule capillaries, without needing to pass through the digestive system.

CBD oil can also be swallowed or taken orally; although, in this technique, CBD must first be digested for it to take effect. A major study, which found CBD great for seizures linked to Dravet Syndrome, used an oral solution of CBD oil.

For some children, the bitterness of CBD oil may discourage them from swallowing or holding it in the mouth. To mask this bitter flavor, you can have them take the dosage with a spoonful of ice cream or yogurt.

Pros of CBD oil for children

  • Usually contains the highest amounts of CBD
  • Absorbed quickly for instant effects when taken sublingually


  • “Earthy” flavor
  • Relatively expensive

CBD tinctures or liquids

CBD tinctures come in a bottle fitted with a dropper and are usually mixed with nutritious ingredients like spearmint, coconut oil, terpenes, and other essential oils depending on the manufacturer. Just like CBD oils, tinctures are largely taken sublingually or orally. Alternatively, you can also opt to add tinctures to your kids’ favorite beverage or food.

Generally, tinctures contain lower CBD levels when compared to pure CBD oil. However, since they come with a sweet flavor, they are ideal for kids who are conscious about taste.

Pros of using CBD tinctures for kids 

  • Sweet flavor
  • More versatility in terms of consumption
  • Less expensive
  • Taken sublingually, hence absorbed quickly


  • Lower CBD levels in general

CBD capsules

CBD capsules contain CBD oil in an appropriate form, which can be swallowed down with a mouthful of water. Generally, capsules are ideal for older kids who are comfortable swallowing pills.

Most CBD capsules in the market contain high CBD potency when compared with tinctures; however, sometimes, levels vary by manufacturer. A number of CBD capsules may contain a mix of CBD oil and other healthy compounds like minerals and vitamins.

Pros of using CBD capsules for children

  • Typically contain higher CBD levels
  • Convenient to consume for older kids comfortable with swallowing pills


  • Difficult to swallow for young kids
  • Capsules must be digested before any effects can be realized


When it comes to choosing any medical product for your kids, safety is apparently one of the top concerns.  CBD products are safe; in fact, safer than some of the over the counter pills we have purchased at some point in our lives. Most importantly, CBD is also easy to consume since it can be infused with your kid’s favorite food or beverage.

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