Trying out CBD for your Pet

By March 16, 2020Blog, CBD For Pets
Use CBD Oil For Pets

We as humans try new remedies, new products, and new methods all to look younger, being healthy or treating illness, so if anything is available to help our furry family members then I’m all for it.

They may need a tweak in their diet so you add in vitamins, or they seem to have more energy than usual so you take them for an extra walk or run, or perhaps they are feeling poorly, and the last thing we want is to see our furball just laid up on the couch not being his bubbly self.

There are new and innovative products on the market, using more natural ingredients, less or no chemicals and can be used on a trial basis with no long term commitments. Herbal based oils and tablets that have had rave reviews and are becoming increasingly popular.

What is CBD oil?

This product derived from the cannabis plant, or also known as marijuana (depending on the amount of THC) or hemp, is an oil called CBD. It has many uses and effects on the body and its functions so click here to read up about its origins and pharmaceutical properties in-depth.

4 Benefits of Using CBD Oil.

  • Relief from pain. This is one of the most reported symptoms of patients using CBD oil because it reacts with the neurons in the brain, it regulates the function of the neurotransmitters and stabilizes them for a healthy functioning system and reducing inflammation.
  • Clearer skin. Aiding the body and glands in the skin to produce less sebum, an oily secretion that can cause inflammation. Thus helping for fewer breakouts and inflamed pores.
  • Less depression: Compounds found in the CBD act on the receptors in the brain which regulates our behaviors and moods.
  • Slow down cancer. Although this research is still in its early stages, CBD oil has impacted the rates at which the cancer cells grow and reproduce. And the effects of chemotherapy have shown to have gone significantly down with less nausea and episodes of vomiting.

Can CBD be used for our pets?

Just as it is available for humans, the variety of forms is just as widespread for animals, if not more so. I’m talking oil drops, chewable treats and creams or lotions to rub directly onto the skin. And with it becoming more sought after, the innovation of products on the market has crept up as a front runner too.

Trials and tests have been conducted over many years and in many labs, and although still not that much is known about this ‘wonder drug,’ the negatives have yet to make any impact. Take a minute to visit this website and see stories and reviews from customers going through the same experience, see the products they recommend that have worked for them.

Dogs that have been treated for arthritis, joint pains or recovering from a heavy operation who have been given CBD oil have shown very positive signs of quicker recovery, less discomfort and a visible relief from pain.

It can be heartbreaking seeing our little dude whimpering to himself in pain, that he can express in no other way, but to lie there and look at you with those droopy eyes. If administering a few drops of CBD into his meals helps more than any antibiotics then I say do it.

Use CBD Oil For Pets

CBD products are available for pets.

We know that giving some form of medication be it human or animals can be tricky, we try to disguise it, convince them, bribe and even sneak it into food products, though the taste usually gives us up.

So, looking for products that have the full package is going to be key, this means taste and appearance.

Dog biscuits, even better if in the shape of bone, have hit shelves and then disappeared in minutes due to its popularity, they come in different flavors, assorted package sizes and best of all, various shapes. I ‘m a fan of shaped cookies.

Tablets that can be crushed up and mixed in with food is also an option and no pet would be the wiser, beats having to wrestle them to sit still while you hold open their mouths to drop in some oil. Here’s a clever way to add CBD oil to dog treats and they won’t suspect a thing!

What to look for when Buying CBD pet treats?

  1. Don’t be cheap. This doesn’t mean donate blood to afford the product, buy the best you can comfortably afford. Cheap, while saving you in the pocket, can compromise the quality you receive, it might not be a pure product which defeats the purpose in the long run.
  2. Go Organic. Read labels and look for products that contain no chemicals and are grown from a reliable organic source using no pesticides.
  3. Dosage to weight. Be sure you read up and know the amount of CBD that is going to be safe as well as effective when you give it to your pet, too little in a large dog might not have an impact and you can get discouraged, plus, your pet deserves the best treatment you can give him.

Whether you decide to make your own ‘version’ of CBD treats, crush up tablets to mix with his cooked food or put a few drops of oil under his tongue, the main thing is that you are doing something.

Taking care of our loved ones should be life’s priority, let’s share the love.

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