Top 10 CBD Oil Products for Depression

By November 11, 2019Blog, CBD Benefits

Due to their chemical composition, CBD products are considered among the most effective aides in the treatment of neurological conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. While cannabidiol by itself cannot cure any of these disorders and experts must supervise all remedies, there is a growing amount of evidence backing CBD´s ability to promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Cannabidiol is absorbed into the bloodstream either directly or indirectly, depending on the administration method. It then travels to the cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body, restoring their balance and allowing users suffering from depression to have a clear mind and fight its negative feelings and emotions.

Customers from all around the world have tested the following 10 CBD products with positive results. If you are suffering from depression or any related condition, they can be an excellent complement to psychological treatments.

1) CBDistillery Full Spectrum Softgels (900 mg and 1800 mg)

Although sublingual tinctures are commonly referred to as the most effective consumption method for CBD products, cannabidiol capsules and softgels are recommended for people suffering from neurological disorders such as depression. CBDistillery´s capsules take a longer time to be absorbed but can provide long-term relief with a single daily dosage.

It is essential to consider that larger CBD concentrations are not necessarily more effective. CBDistillery recommends its customers to start with the 900 mg presentation and switch to the 1800 mg one only if the effects are below your expectations.

2) Joy Organics CBD Softgels (300mg and 750mg CBD)

These premium CBD capsules are made with organic, high-quality hemp plants grown in the United States. The company recommends its customers to take 1-4 softgels daily, allowing a few days before their effects can be felt.

Apart from cannabidiol, Joy Organics’ CBD Softgels contain a wide range of phytocannabinoids and terpenes which work together to fight back the neurological causes of depression and provide a general sense of calm and clarity throughout the day.

3) Limitless CBD Hemp Oil (1500 mg)

While its strong hemp taste is not something that every customer enjoys, the effectiveness of Limitless CBD’s Hemp Oil is backed by the positive experiences of thousands of previous users in the United States and around the world. Each batch of this sublingual tincture is analyzed by third-party laboratories to rule out the presence of THC or any other unwanted substances.

Limitless CBD recommends a dosage of 1 – 3 drops of hemp oil in the morning. This can be increased to two intakes a day if little or no effects are felt within a week.

4) Avid Hemp CBD Oil (300 mg to 5000 mg)

Avid Hemp´s sublingual CBD oil comes in five different concentrations ranging between 300 and 5000 milligrams of pure cannabidiol. While it is usually recommended to start with a small dosage, some of the most severe conditions of anxiety and depression require larger amounts of CBD to show improvements, and this company has the solution for everyone.

Known for its commitment to quality, Avid Hemp uses only organic hemp plants grown domestically and extracted with state-of-the-art techniques. While their prices are higher than those of the competition, the effectiveness of their products is backed by hundreds of positive reviews.

5) CBDfx CBD Capsules (750 mg)

These CBD softgels are made with pure cannabidiol, vitamin E, amino acids and natural terpenes which work together to restore the natural balance of the endocannabinoid system and eliminate the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Apart from using only organic hemp plants, CBDfx´s products are backed by third-party laboratory tests and the best manufacturing practices.

6) CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (2500 mg and 5000 mg)

Made with the same premium hemp and high-quality standards as their CBD softgels, CBDistillery´s Full Spectrum tincture is an effective solution for people suffering from depression who want a product that acts fast and can stay in the body throughout the day.

The 5000-milligram presentation is one of the most concentrated products in the CBD market, making it an excellent choice for patients with severe neurological conditions.

7) Every Day Optimal CBD Capsules (6000 mg)

These ultra-potency capsules are the best choice for patients with severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other related disorders. They are made from 100% industrial hemp grown in the United States and extracted with a supercritical CO2 method.

Each of these capsules contains 200 milligrams of pure cannabidiol, making them a safe and sturdy choice against both physical and neurological conditions.

8) Cannabidiol Life Organic CBD Oil with Raw Honey (1000 mg)

For customers who do not like the taste of raw hemp but still want to experience the added benefits of sublingual tinctures, Cannabidiol Life’s Organic CBD Oil with Raw Honey is a perfect choice. This product contains CBD extract of the highest quality, as well as natural organic honey to provide a sweet and delicious flavor.

9) Cannaroo Full Spectrum CBD Oil with Peppermint (500 mg)

Another sublingual CBD tincture with a delicious flavor, Cannaroo’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil with Peppermint is an excellent choice for patients suffering from depression. It is easily absorbed into the bloodstream thanks to its high bioavailability, and its effects can be felt within a few hours.

Cannaroo is one of the most renowned companies in the CBD market of the United States, with third-party laboratory tests carried out on each batch and thousands of positive certified customer reviews.

10) Pure Source Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1500 mg)

This CBD tincture also contains a natural peppermint flavor that enhances its taste. Furthermore, it is infused with PCR-rich Hemp Seed Oil to improve its bioavailability and allow it to enter the bloodstream quickly. Pure Source’s products are known for its consistency, and the company has previously earned awards for their manufacturing processes and strict standards of quality.

This sublingual tincture is of the most economical alternatives for patients wanting a useful aide against depression. Each milligram contains 50 milligrams of pure cannabidiol, at a price of just $0.08/mg.



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