Marijuana: What you need to defeat PMS

By May 6, 2018Blog, CBD Benefits

Who would have thought that weed can help kick PMS away? Read on, girl!

So you’re enjoying your day off from work as usual, when suddenly, the fire nation attacked! You grab onto whatever desk/table is nearest and hold your abdomen before shrieking from the pain. Yes, women go through a lot monthly, and we understand.

This is why we are suggesting a highly effective method for you, ladies. Here’s how weed can help counter your uterus committing seppuku.

THC and CBD ain’t rocket science!

Marijuana is composed of many chemical compounds. Basically, it contains cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. If you’ve already heard or read about these two bad boys,  you’ll know that THC is the most psychoactive chemical compound. It’s what gets the users high and addicted.

CBD (Cannabidiol), on the other hand, has gotten popular recently due to its potential and broad medical uses. It can be used to treat chronic seizures, Alzheimer’s, and yes, CANCER!

Their only difference is that CBD is non-psychoactive, so it doesn’t get anyone high, and it counters the addicting effect of THC. Because of this, some weed growers would cut off CBD from their cannabis.

But nowadays? CBD is the nectar of the gods due to its versatile medicinal potential without getting you high nor addicted.

What do cannabinoids do inside our bodies?

Fret not, mademoiselle! Taking weed for your uterine battle is a great choice. Not only does it fight PMS, but it also deals with other feminine body problems! And yes, that includes those mood swings that make you feel murderous then aroused at a second’s interval! It can even help with the terrifying, nauseating, and deliberating pain that PMS brings forth.

Fun fact: The human body has a complex network of cannabinoids, called the Endocannabinoid System. This biological web of neurotransmitters and receptors regulates everything from being fertile and able to carry demon spawn in your womb, to your ability to feel pain and trauma from accidentally reading your favorite movie’s spoilers. I might be exaggerating just a bit.

Since your body naturally produces and responds to cannabinoids of its own, THC and CBD can regulate your physiological and neurological responses.

Captain CBD  vs. THC Man

Can’t decide which of the two superheroes would help your body best? Here’s how.

Obviously, CBD is the better choice. Scientific research has proven that cannabidiol can treat epilepsy as well as neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

Like this article mentioned above, CBD can’t get you high, in case you aren’t into that. It’s safe, legal, and easier to have access to. It’s also very versatile in terms of application. We already have oils, ointments, lotions, shampoos, and wax concentrates. Soon enough, we might even have ice popsicles of this. Kidding. (Or not?)

Meanwhile, just because we said CBD is the better choice doesn’t make THC a bad option. There are tons of users who still prefer THC to CBD because THC is a stronger compound. It has 20 times the anti-inflammatory property of aspirin or paracetamol, according to a study made in 2008 that was published in the US National Library of Medicine. Meaning to say, THC better reduces headaches, arthritis, and cancer by lessening its inflammatory effects.

The only catch? You’ll get high. THC, however, is very different from plain opioids that can only numb your body by blocking the nervous system’s access to your brains that make you feel pain or warmth.

So How Do I Use Weed For PMS?

The debate between whether CBD or THC works best for PMS is still ongoing, and will probably go on for a long time. As for you, you can experiment on which works best. Maybe you can help the debate end faster.

Other users see THC as a challenging and fun roller coaster ride when it comes to alleviating pain. It can get you high while numbing your body pains. Unfortunately, THC boosts up anxiety levels for a few users. Others have experienced that CBD has just the same pain management powers like THC.

But there is one thing we know for sure.

Marijuana is very effective for your body pains, PMS or not. As long as either THC or CBD is present, (even better if both) you will definitely get the treatment your body deserves.

If you continue taking THC or CBD, you will be experiencing what we call, the Entourage Effect. This happens when cannabinoids and terpenoids become stronger due to the simultaneous/daily intake of marijuana.

Pure CBD and pure THC on their own will not be as effective as when they are combined. However, pure THC is a potential cure for cancer due to its potency. Alas, it can stop you from being able to do work like your daily exercise or doing house chores. You might want to reconsider using CBD instead.

If a simple problem already drives you from being a bowl of sunshine and chicken nuggets to a raging sea storm, CBD might be your fountain of youth since it’s known to soothe. But if you’re looking for something more natural, try taking THC in high strains.

Either way, regardless of which you choose, both can help get rid of that monthly, womanly suffering.

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