What Makes Quality CBD Oil for Pets? Get to Learn More

By October 26, 2018CBD For Pets
CBD Oil for Pets

Over the years, we have seen an increase in the CBD oil products. The question is, are these products safe for pets? Well, you will have to keep in mind a few things before you can fully decide whether the product is safe or not. As any responsible pet owner, you have to aim at making sure you give your pet the best CBD oil is you have to. Below are some of the things that would determine the quality of CBD oil. Go through them to learn more about which oil would be great for the pet.

Source of CBD Oil

When you are looking to get the best CBD oil, you have to consider its source. The best quality CBD oil should be the one that is made from pesticide and insecticide free hemp. The hemp should also be all organic. For the main areas to get organic hemp, it includes Europe and USA. This should keep your mind at ease knowing that you are using organic CBD oil. KoiCBD Vape is something that you need to try.

These two areas have outlawed the growing of GMOs which is good to ensure you get the best CBD oil in the end.

Well, it is advisable not to buy the Chinese hemp. This is because the Chinese hemp is known to be contaminated with lead. They will often be cheap CBD oils, but do not be tempted to use such cheap options.

Also, any good CBD manufacturer, there is always better transparency on overall. You never have to worry about hidden information. You will even find the manufacturer showing the source of their hemp. You can also even contact the company for more information if you have to and still get the answers you need.

The Extraction Method

Another critical thing to consider should be the extraction method. The common method includes the supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction processes. This method of extraction is seen as good so as to deliver on the best hemp extract that is free of any solvents or even residues. In the end, you should have CBD oil that has flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids that are preserved.

Another method is the alcohol extraction method. This one has been seen as the most efficient method to also use. This is because it is able to help with preserving the plant compounds. The method will also improve the levels of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

For some brands, they will indicate the extraction method used. This boosts the confidence of the user knowing that it is a high quality product.

Analysis Certification

This is often called COA or Certificate of Analysis. This is a lab report that is generated by a third party lab to show on the different compounds of the CBD oil.

It is expected that each CBD company should have the products tested for toxic residues, mold, metal, mildew and additional harmful contaminants. It is from the COA report that users can learn more about the compounds in the CBD oil. It boosts the confidence to know that the CBD oil does not have any of the contaminants.

For most CBD brands, they will have the COA report available to the public. This is with the aim of making sure there is better transparency.

CBD Spectrum

It is always important that you look at the ingredients list of your CBD oil while shopping. It is from the list that you can learn about the full CBD spectrum. Keeping that mind, it is advisable to avoid the products with the CBD isolate as part of the ingredients.


Another thing to keep in mind should be the form in which the KoiCBD cartridge is coming in. Well, this includes the oils and treats in the case of pets such as dogs. The CBD oils will be formulated to have a carrier oil. This includes coconut oil, olive oil, and many others. Just make sure the oil is ideal for the pets to help with various applications.

Well, using treats will definitely be the easiest way to get the pet benefiting from CBD. For dogs, make sure that the CBD treats are grain free. For most CBD treats, they should have organic ingredients to make then even sager and good for common ailments.

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