Effect of Cannabidiol on Endometriosis

By June 3, 2018Blog, CBD Benefits
cannabidiol endometriosis

Having discovered that cannabidiol is a good pain killer for chronic pains, many people have testified to the relief that comes after taking CBD oil. One user disclosed that CBD oil helped her in treating Endometriosis, which is a condition that affects women with acute pain.

Simply put, Endometriosis is a condition that afflicts women; it is a condition in which the endometrium, the layer of the tissue that covers the uterus grows outside of it. It is an abnormal growth that is always accompanied by pain, but the severe pain does not identify the growth level of the endometriosis.

This can happen at the ovaries, fallopian tube, and causes a lot of pain at the pelvic area, causes pain during sexual intercourse and infertility. This has made it be of great concern to women and the search for the cure launched, but since the advent of CBD oil, a lot of progress has been made in handling the pains it causes in people.

Testimony of a CBD user

A woman who has suffered endometriosis disclosed that she have suffered the pain for years, she said it started with a throbbing pain in her ovary which constantly disturbs her.

In her words, she said, ‘have constantly suffered from endometriosis for years in my ovary, which starts with stabbing pain and I take ibuprofen whenever it starts. I took strong ibuprofen whenever the pain starts even though I knew it will catch up with me one day but I didn’t care because the pain was non-stopping.

I changed my diet recently after many years, so I had to stop taking ibuprofen and stumbled upon cannabidiol oil, which is also a food supplement and a strong medication for pain. I researched it and found out a lot more about cannabidiol, which is gotten from the cannabis plant but leaves out the THC component, which leaves people stoned.

Since I started taking CBD which comes in capsule, pills or cbd oil form, it has reduced the rate of pain I have, it is just a must for severe pain even though it does not get rid of it completely, it gives instant relief to the person taking it.

CBD is growing in the world and is being recognized because of the relief it grants patients even though that endometriosis is not tabled as one of the conditions it helps solve but over the years, it will be input.

Cannabis is highly gaining awareness in the world even though that it is still illegal in Countries around the world with most States legalizing it in the USA, but most of the research still does not include the symptoms of endometriosis in their research. Most research is currently working on including endometriosis in their research papers.

The legality of CBD is becoming paramount as people now prefer it to treat some serious ailments and doctors prescribe it to patients who have been suffering from chronic pain, epilepsy, inflammation, cancer, glaucoma, and Alzheimer’s.

It is important that awareness is created on the endometriosis crisis as it can start very early on girls either genetically transferred or otherwise. But it’s important that people know about the wonders CBD can do for people suffering from endometriosis and thus enhance their living conditions which can be without pain.’

CBD oil is a wonder oil which is needed by people who suffers from chronic pain as it does not have any side effect. CBD became very important because of the neglect by medical practitioners who just focused on the cerebral effect of THC on the body, but now the table has turned, more research have been done and its benefit has been brought to limelight.

Since it has no psychoactive component, it has been revealed to have many medicinal benefits that more research has shown. So apart from relieving pain from people suffering from endometriosis, it also relieves anxiety, depression, inflammation, nausea, cancer and others listed above.

That it was extracted from cannabis does not stop it from having medicinal properties which the world have all benefited from so in taking CBD oil, all you have to do is to mix it in any food being taken but a new user has to start with small drops of it or better still, seek the advice of a doctor.

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