Don’t Get Your Pets High – The What’s and the Why’s

By May 21, 2018Blog, CBD For Pets
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Weed can’t hurt people. Does that mean you can get your best animal buddy stoned? The answer is a big NO.

You’re having a great smoke sesh with your friends when your cat climbs into your lap. One of your friends gets the bright idea of puffing weed into your cat’s face, saying that your pet will like it since you like it. Scratch that, it isn’t a bright idea at all. In fact, it’s one of the dumbest things you can do if you care for your pet. Here’s why.

Animals don’t get high like people do

A stoned pet is a pet in danger. Experts have said that the high you get from cannabis can put animals under a lot of stress. Their heart rate and low blood pressure can even get abnormally low.

They might not die from weed exposure, but there’s a lot of hazards involved, especially if your pet is small. In short, weed is not safe for animals.

Mammals like cats and dogs also have cannabinoid receptors in their brain, meaning they can get high. Dogs even have a higher number of these cannabinoid receptors than humans, which means their highs are a lot more intense.

Size is a big factor in how they will experience the weed high. If a good puff gets you stoned for a few hours, it’ll keep your pet under the influence for at least a day. One dog year is already several human years, so imagine what a day of being high will be like for your pet.

Take your pet animal to the veterinarian as quickly as you can if they ever get high, whether you intended them to be or not. They might need to take medicine through the vein or mouth just so the impacts of weed can be counteracted.

You might be scared about getting in trouble with the law because you got your pet high, but that should be the least of your worries. The essential thing is that you got your pet checked and treated, giving all proper information without lying. Your vet might scold you for being an irresponsible owner, but you’ll be saving your pet’s life.

Animals can’t comprehend what being high is

Human beings like you and me know what being high is, that’s why we like it. Unfortunately, even your pet is really intelligent, they have no clue about what it is, and they won’t like it at all. You’ll leave your pet very confused and stressed. Even if they did enjoy it, which is highly improbable, they did not give you their permission to be put under the influence. It’s like tricking a close friend of yours into getting drunk, and they get hurt because of it.

If you get someone high without their consent, it’s against ethics, even if they aren’t human. And that is something we of the stoner society are definitely against.

Edibles’ ingredients can cause sickness in your pets

Weed brownies or space cakes are a very well-known kind of cannabis edible. The bad thing is these brownies have both chocolate and weed, which can have bad effects on animals like cats and dogs.

Chocolate is a poison for these animals. It can make them vomit. If they eat too much, they’ll have anxiety, diarrhea, and seizures. Cats can even die from too much chocolate.

So if you combine the negative reactions of weed and chocolate in animals, it’s definitely a danger you want to avoid. If they ever eat one, you would have to bring them to your local veterinarian as soon as you can.

Do products with CBD pose a threat to our pets?

CBD has been lauded scientifically as a legitimate therapeutic treatment for many different types of sicknesses. You can use it to treat illnesses like epilepsy and PMS, among many others.

Weed is harmful for pets because it can get them high. This is what makes CBD different. It is not psychoactive, so you can use it on your pets for medical purposes with no worries.

THC might also have medicinal benefits, but its other effects are bad for your pets, so you can just stick with CBD for clinical care involving animals. Just take into consideration that not enough clinical studies have been done on how animals are affected by CBD.

Some researchers have pointed out that products containing CBD can efficiently medicate pets who suffer from arthritis, pain, nausea and seizures, so it is definitely something to consider.

Just don’t get your pet high

Our pet animals are usually much smaller than us, and their cannabinoid receptor makeup is a lot more different, thus increasing the intensity of highs for them. Getting stoned will not only stress them out, but also hurt them.

Ethics-wise and health-wise, it is highly inadvisable for you to give your pets weed that contain THC. CBD, on the other hand, is much safer especially if you are using it to treat diseases and disorders.

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