When CBD and THC Collide

By May 11, 2018Blog, CBD Benefits
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Time and time again, it’s been mentioned that people get high on weed due to the levels of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. There’s more to this than meets the eye, though. Cannabidiol (CBD), as previously discussed, is non-psychoactive.

But what happens when you put the two together? How will they interact?

We, as human beings, are physically made up of various systems. A few examples are our nervous systems and respiratory systems. There is one that I bet you haven’t heard of. It’s called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short.

The name of the system itself tells you a little about it. The ECS is made up of cannabinoid receptors that interact with chemicals like CBD and THC. These receptors regulate important bodily functions, making them an essential part of a human being.

The ECS is primarily composed of two types of receptors. CB-1 is acted upon by THC. CB-2, on the other hand, has a big role in the high you feel when taking in marijuana.

CBD and THC have a lot of comparisons and contrasts biologically and chemically. THC can get you high, while CBD can’t. However, both of them interact with the selfsame brain regions, even though it is in different ways.

CBD can control the high that THC gives, as proven by new clinical researches. Research subjects who were given THC in pure form were increasingly anxious and paranoid. Though this might not be the case for all people who take THC, there are SOME people who are definitely affected this way.

On the other hand, participants who were administered CBD along with THC were able to feel euphoric without the bad side effects we have mentioned, which is great news for people who have problems with anxiety and paranoia.

A person could simply conclude that strong highs come from THC and that CBD can only counteract THC’s effects, showing that they work well together.

For now, studies are definitely not enough. The effects of CBD and THC combined need a lot more extensive research to produce definitive results.

You can be sure about one thing though: If you want a great high, you need more than one kind of cannabinoid, namely CBD and THC, along with a few minor ones.

CBD alone has a lot of medical purposes. It can be used to treat cancer, pain, and other ailments. If you want to use it for this purpose alone, consider just taking CBD. Getting high isn’t for anybody. Others aren’t open to the thought of drugs affecting their consciousness. You can still get the therapeutic benefits while avoiding these unwanted effects.

Sad to say that despite being non-pyschoactive, CBD is still considered a schedule one drug. And all because it is similar to THC!

Hopefully, one-day science will work hand in hand with the government and finally completely legalize CBD federally, for the benefit of all people.

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