Is CBD safe and appropriate for children?

By April 25, 2018Blog, CBD Benefits

Recently, CBD has drawn a lot of attention for its wide range of health and medicinal benefits. Let’s try to explore whether it is safe for your young ones.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found in marijuana and the hemp plant. This tiny little compound, over the last years, has made a big impact on the world of medicine. Thanks to several studies, we now know that Cannabidiol can potentially help remedy an array of medical conditions, particularly those that affect young kids including, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, epilepsy, and much more.

However, no matter the amount of research that has been done relating to CBD, people are still uncertain about its safety, especially when used on children.

What really is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid present in cannabis plants. Actually, it is among the most popular compounds present in the cannabis plant and has gotten a lot of media attention worldwide.

First, it is vital to know that cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound. Meaning, it does not produce the “high” or excitement that is typically linked to cannabis. Usually, the psychoactive effects of marijuana are mostly produced by THC, a totally different molecule.

Raphael Mechoulam was the first to discover CBD in the 1960s. The discovery created some buzz, and many studies were conducted about the molecule. Nowadays, you will get CBD or CBD-derived products in low to medium concentrations.

Traditionally, the cannabis plant was largely used for recreational purposes. This made many breeders focus on manufacturing strains with concentrates of THC to produce a potent psychoactive effect. But, this is slowly changing.

Thanks to the tons of research on CBD, people are now aware of how this compound can help them health-wise. These studies and findings have encouraged organizations around the globe to change their attitude towards marijuana, and particularly CBD. Countries like the United States, Canada, and Switzerland have legalized weed and even endorsed it for medical purposes. These legislative changes have brought about an implausible demand for CBD products. As a result, marijuana breeders are now focusing on producing strains that contain high levels of CBD as opposed to THC.

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Is it safe for children?

Charlotte Figi’s story rocked the entire world in 2013. Charlotte, a young girl who lived in Colorado was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome. This is a very unusual type of infant epilepsy that is synonymous with intense, sometimes hour-long seizures.

After trying various kinds of treatments and suffering up to 300, (yes, three hundred!) seizures per week, the young girl, and her parents eventually found help. Thanks to a CBD-rich marijuana extract, now commonly referred o as Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte’s parents, the creators of the tincture, and even doctors couldn’t believe what had happened. From the time the young girl began her treatment plan with CBD, she virtually experienced no seizures. She remained that way throughout the first seven days of treatment, and now suffers approximately 0-1 seizure per week.

Obviously, parents around the globe were amazed by the story. Here was a young little girl using medicine derived from marijuana to treat her epilepsy condition. However, as we are now aware, there is no harm whatsoever in using CBD, and the product is very safe and appropriate for children.

In December 2013, the WHO (World Health Organization) made it public: After thoroughly conducting its own studies about cannabidiol, the organization affirmed that it found no bad health risks in using CBD. So far, there is no proof of recreation use of cannabidiol or any health-related issues linked to the use of CBD; that what WHO stated in their research.

Benefits of CBD to children

So, it is obvious that CBD has no risky effects on young ones. Whether used to manage a specific condition or just used to improve an already healthy lifestyle, CBD can be a very beneficial substance.

Many conditions, for instance, epilepsy, are conventionally managed with synthetic medications that often produce a range of side effects such as fatigue, behavioral changes, drowsiness and much more. CBD, alternatively, is a natural compound and has no side effects.

So, as you might have noticed, there are many benefits to using cannabidiol as a form of medication or even as a normal dietary supplement. The Story of Charlotte, the young kid from Colorado, should inspire you today.

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