CBD Oil and Children

By December 18, 2017CBD Benefits
CBD Children

CBD Oil and Children

CBD oil can be taken by children. It helps them with autism, sensory processing disorders and many more. The oil also can help with all sorts of childhood illnesses. There are numerous studies and scientific evidence that show that CBD oil is taken under the careful supervision of a qualified physician is safe for children and can be used to treat illness without has major side effects.

There are still minimal studies and evidence on the safety of other forms cannabinoid found in Marijuana with CBD for children due to the stringent Marijuana laws that make it impossible to conduct clinical trials. However, realistically, even if the law allowed it, parents would most likely not agree to volunteer their children for testing.

Since CBD oil has little THC it will not tamper with the mental process in children or cause highness. Already there are good results from parents who have used CBD oil to treat their children.

When introducing a child to CBD oil the body weight, age and sickness will greatly determine the quantity required. According to some parents just, 1/4 of prescribed dose was able to help their children. There are other numerous benefits to children who take the oil and most importantly preventing cannabinoid deficiency and boosting the functioning of the immune system through its anti-bacterial properties. Like in adults the oil also reduces inflammation in children by inhibiting the pain pathways. For children with the anxiety disorder that negatively influence their studies and confidence while playing CBD oil induces a calming effect and decreasing anxiety levels altogether.

A little girl in Colorado suffered from epilepsy that caused her to suffer about 300 strokes per week. She was bedridden and her dosage of IV bottle was not giving the desired the full relief. Her life was full of torture as she went through what is unimaginable for someone her age. However, when she was introduced to CBD oil, things changed for the better as she got some pain relief and the effects of epilepsy also reduced. Her story shed more light on the use of medical Marijuana and particularly CBD oil. There are other stories also available online today that demonstrates the advantages of medical Marijuana to children with seizures and other inflammatory causing diseases.

Children CBD

There is nothing traumatizing like a child not being able to sleep at night, this usually means the parents will need to stay awake and try everything they can to have their child catch some sleep. Insomnia for children usually comes with other medical conditions that are associated with lack of enough rest such as higher levels of fatigue and stress.CBD oil was recommended back in 2015 as an excellent treatment for insomnia that can comfortably be administered alongside other methods of insomnia treatment. A previous study tried about 25mg of CBD supplements with children suffering from insomnia around bedtime and realized a slow increase in night sleep quality. After a few months, they were amazingly able to sleep in their own rooms. It is important to note that there were no side effects noticed with this treatment, therefore CBD oil can be effective and safe for your child. However, further studies still need to be conducted to establish how or if CBD oil can be used to treat illness in children for a longer period of time.

For parents who are not aware, CBD oil is an extract from legally cultivated Marijuana and it has been separated from other components in Marijuana that cause high which most people need for recreation. It can be used by all age groups only that for children’s case the level of THC which a mind-altering component has been reduced to levels that will cause no activation.CBD might be the solution to the medical condition that is causing you or your child so much pain by stimulating pain receptors known as vallinoid that are responsible for the connection of inflammation, body temperature, and perception. There are medical marijuana experts who understand the prescription of medical marijuana and it is very important to consult about the disease and the right dose before introducing your child to CBD oil.

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