CBD Oil in Australia: Uses and Availability

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CBD Oil in Australia

While Australian legislation has stayed behind that of the United States, Canada and Western Europe, cannabidiol has recently been removed from the list of “Schedule 9” regulated substances in the country. According to the Minister of Law Enforcement and Cyber Security, it is now permitted to import products made from hemp seeds as long as they contain THC concentrations below 50mg/kg and CBD levels under 75mg/kg.

Hemp products in Australia are now widely available for local customers. While physical dispensaries are still subject to several restrictions, it is possible to buy almost any cannabidiol-based product online. Companies in the country offer nationwide delivery and a wide range of CBD tinctures, vaping liquids, edibles, topicals and more.

How can CBD Improve my Health?

Although it is still not permitted to claim that cannabidiol products can heal any disease, several scientific studies have backed the effectiveness of hemp extracts in relieving the symptoms of several physical and neurological conditions. The main reason for this is CBD’s ability to balance the endocannabinoid system present in humans and most mammals, which regulates many of the body’s crucial functions.

Stress, anxiety, pain and inflammation are the most common reasons for users to opt for cannabidiol products. However, companies continue developing new lines of product including CBD for nausea, cannabidiol creams and even skin treatments made with hemp extracts.

Once it is absorbed into the bloodstream, cannabidiol restores the natural balance of the endocannabinoid system and reduces inflammation while boosting the cognitive functions of the brain. Regular CBD users report feeling more calmed and focused after their daily dose of cannabidiol, as the substance is known to promote a process called “neurogenesis”, through which new neurons are created in the hypothalamus. Whether you are suffering from a period of stress or chronic anxiety, a quality cannabidiol tincture might be everything you need to feel naturally healthy and energetic.

Where can I buy CBD in Australia?

If you have decided to try out the benefits of cannabidiol, your best option is to go online and find quality companies offering CBD in Australia. The main aspects to consider is their growth, selection and extraction methods, as well as the reviews left by previous customers. As the cannabidiol industry is still largely unregulated in Australia, it is important for individual customers to do some research and find out the best companies with transparent methods and quality products.


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