CBD likely effective against Leukemia

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cbd leukemia

History shows that CBD and cannabis have the ability to relieve the symptoms of cancer. In one of the remarkable historical findings, it was discovered on the body of an old Siberian lady (approx 2, 500 years old), who was believed to be mitigating the symptoms of breast cancer with cannabis. Nowadays, a lot of patients are looking to utilize CBD because of its ability to destroy carcinogens. This obviously opens new doors for CBD products to act as a healthy treatment alternative for cancer, especially leukemia. Best way to buy CBD product are professional distributors, Cbd Oil Wholesale Distributors  can help you get the right one.

Effects of Leukemia on the body

This type of cancer is known to destroy blood cells and bone marrow. Basically, this ailment affects the production of WBCs (White Blood Cells), making them augment in number and, in the long run, crowd out RBCs (Red Blood Cells). The red blood cells are critical for carrying oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body, while white blood cells are part of the immune system and are produced in the bone marrow.

As you might be guessing, Leukemia is associated with a lot of health problems. The fact that RBCs are killed as a result of the overproduction of WBCs may affect the oxygen supply in the body. Additionally, destroying vital-oxygen carrying cells can result in anemia, a condition associated with dizziness, chronic fatigue, and general feelings of illness. Actually, that is the reason why leukemia victims easily bruise and breed.

Leukemia is normally treated with blood transfusions, radiation, and chemotherapy. Sorry to say, the widely used treatment method – chemotherapy – can have long-lasting side effects. Young ones who have been subjected to high doses of chemo have a higher likelihood of suffering from heart problems later on in life.

CBD on the rescue

Let us look at the moving story of 14-year old Landon Riddle; a boy was able to beat all odds using CBD and cannabis as a treatment for Leukemia.

At two years old, Landon was diagnosed with Leukemia. Through a team of doctors, the mother was advised to have her son undergo chemotherapy. As if that was not enough, the young lad has also prescribed a combination of pain relievers such as Ativan, OxyCotin, and Morphine to help him manage his grueling treatment.

Landon’s mom got fed up with that kind of treatment since it seemed unsuccessful. She thought of trying CBD and cannabis as an alternative remedy for his son’s condition. She moved together with her family to Colorado, since this is the only state at that time, which allowed the use of medical cannabis on children.

5 years later, the young man is now free from cancer, although some negligible effects still come up once in a while. Landon is still taking CBD and cannabis for his anxiety, in addition to post-traumatic stress disorder and digestive problems. As we are talking, Landon and his mother are strong advocates of medical marijuana and want it fully legalized in other parts of the world.

Properties of CBD in combating Leukemia

AntiproliferativeAs you might be aware, cancer cells never stops on growing. Research carried out all over the world show that cannabis has components that stop the development of leukemia cancer cell, especially the myeloid and acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells.

Anti-angiogenesis and Anti-metastatic – Cannabis compounds, are anti-metastatic. This simply means they prevent the tumor cells from tainting or infecting other body parts following the development of a tumor. Additionally, its compounds inhibit tumor cells from setting up blood cells. This means, without the establishment of blood vessels, the tumors will definitely die. While these aspects are not essentially relevant to all types of leukemia, they may prove handy when cancer cells go outside of the blood and give birth to tumors.

Easing up the side effects of chemo – Here are a few ways that CBD and cannabis can help alleviate pain and other side effects of chemo. They include:

  • Neuropathy
  • Chronic pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Poor appetite
  • Poor mental state

The future of CBD as treatment

It seems promising that CBD and other active compounds extracted from cannabis play a vital role in the future of leukemia and cancer treatment, whether they are used alone as the main treatment or in combination with conventional treatment to boost their outcomes and to minimize their adverse side effects. Cannabidiol Wholesale Distributor can help you find the best products for you condition.


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