How CBD Can Relieve Anxiety

By January 17, 2018Blog, CBD Benefits
cbd anxiety

Cannabis in many countries of the western world is legal for either recreational or medicinal purposes. In Canada Cannabis is grown legally by licensed Cannabis producers.

There are various studies that show the effect that CBD can have on specific anxiety disorders. The result may be shocking. CBD has been proven to be effective for a lot of things, and from this, one may glimpse how it can help to relieve anxiety.

The endocannabinoid system is important for the survival and health of all of us. Thanks to the endocannabinoid system, humans can absorb CBD through some receptors and gain a lot of the benefits that come from consuming CBD. Ineffective treatments and recurring emotional disturbances could lead to drug use of relapses and anxiety. CBD can help those that are overcoming substance abuse disorders and prevent them from relapsing. CBD could also stop recollection of fear and help those that are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobias.

Now a lot of people that suffer from anxiety disorders are turning to CBD due to the various benefits they get from using it. But there is still a need for more research to be done on CBD and how it can affect a person’s mind. There is a need to study the benefits that Cannabis can provide in the form of management and treatment for those that suffer from anxiety disorders.

Anxiety could be terrible, and it weakens the sufferers and others around them. Those suffering from anxiety can use any of the various treatment methods to improve their condition. The treatment methods include meditation, physical activity, pharmaceuticals, and others. Now, the patients can benefit from the CBD which has been seen to work for a lot of people that have tried it. It can be consumed in various ways and in most places, it is legal without the need for a medical marijuana prescription.

CBD is readily available for most patients making it an increasingly popular choice for those that have obtained ineffective results from other treatment methods. A lot of anxiety patients want to hide this from others, and marijuana provides a way of getting treatment without others knowing. Keeping secrets and feeling ashamed is bad for those that suffer from anxiety. Thanks to marijuana, anxiety patients no longer have to suffer from these.

cbd anxiety

One of the biggest advantages of Marijuana is that it has no side effects, and it doesn’t cause any impairment. Those that use it can still drive, work and carry out other tasks effectively. Studies that have been conducted on humans and animals have revealed that CBD might have anxiolytic properties but how the effects of this are mediated centrally is yet to be known. The 2004 study published in the Journal of Neuropharmacology concluded that CBD has anxiolytic properties and the effects of CBD are mediated through an action on the paralimbic and limbic areas of the brain. This will be helpful for those that suffer from anxiety.

Another study that was published in 2011 also revealed some useful results. This study was conducted on those that are suffering from general anxiety disorders, specifically social situations like public speaking. Those that were pretreated with CBD had reduced speech discomfort, decreased cognitive impairment, reduced alert in anticipatory speech, and reduced anxiety. Compared to the control group, the placebo group showed higher alert levels, cognitive impairment, discomfort, and anxiety. The effects and reasons for those effects are yet to be fully understood, but researchers are already seeing that CBD can provide great relief for those suffering from anxiety. From the results of the research and other studies, CBD could become highly useful for curing mental health medicine. CBD can regulate a lot of physiological processes like appetite, sleep, tranquilization, and inflammation.

All of these can boost the quality of life of those suffering from anxiety.

CBD has just minor side effects, and complaints have been limited to lightheadedness and a few other things. CBD does not create changes in food intake, it does not induce changes in food consumption, and it does not cause any change to physiological functions. CBD does not affect the heart rate of the body, the pressure of the blood, and bodily temperature.


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