The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets

By April 15, 2020Blog, CBD For Pets
Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets

The people of Colorado were particularly happy in 2012. There aren’t many reasons for that except that marijuana got legalized. As soon as that happened, crime rates were lower, and students of all ages started getting better scores. The people got what they wanted, and the state was booming.

Most people who didn’t care about this weren’t affected by it in any way. However, veterinarians are not among those people. As soon as that happened, people started calling their vets and started asking them a lot of questions about weed and their pets. Most of them were related to CBD oils and whether they would help the animals.

A few years have passed since then, and we now have a bit of data to work with. The internet is filled with different articles, forum posts, and threads on this topic. The main point that has been concluded is that CBD oil does help our furry friends, but there is a lot more to it. Click here to read more.

How do you give it to your pet?

There are three main methods, just like in people. The first one is by giving them drops of the oil. The second one is in the form of an edible. This is most commonly a treat or a capsule. And the third one is administered as a cream. Scientists have researched this in both dogs and cats and have come to a conclusion.

The oils are the most effective since they stay in the blood the longest, and they have the quickest effects. It also had the highest concentration in the blood in ratio to the dose administered, and the findings were consistent among different animals and breeds.

Nobody still knows how the oils work. This is still unknown in both humans and pets. The consensus is that it gets filtered through the liver and then activates the endocannabinoid system. The best way to give it is with a tincture and drop a few drops under their tongues. It’s a quick and effective method.

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pets

What does it help with?

It’s still early to tell the entire spectrum of conditions that the oils can help. But, in 2018, there was a study that proved two things. The first one is that it increases comfort and activity in dogs with arthritis. As well as that, it reduced the number of seizures that epileptic dogs had. However, even though the studies were meticulous and peer-reviewed, it’s still not enough data.

However, most vets and pet owners are optimistic. Some of them have taken it in their own hands, and almost all of the feedback is positive. The only possible side effect that can happen is that you give them too much of the oil. This can make your pet feel tired and inactive. That’s why you should always start out with a few drops and then gradually increase the dose.

What products to use?

Now, there are a lot of products in pet stores. Word of mouth is still the best way to go, but online reviews are also good. Read up a little bit online regarding different products, and you will know what to pick. The standard rule is that the more expensive products are better. But, you should always look whether the oils are organically made and if they have been laboratory tested.

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This will ensure that no pesticides or bacteria go into the bottle. As well as that, you can call your vet and ask them for an expert opinion on the topic. Almost all of them are up to date with the trend, and you will get precise information.

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