Avid Hemp CBD Oil Tincture (500mg CBD) Review

By March 13, 2019CBD Product Review


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Avid Hemp has its own laboratory set up to test the value of CBD Oil Tincture. There has been much more appreciation from different organizations and experts in the field with regards to Avid Hemp selling unique and multipurpose CBD tincture. The tincture is non-invasive and cool for children. If one has an epileptic syndrome, it is easily taken care of by the choosing transparent CBD tincture. MCT oils and cannabinoids are contained in this tincture. It is not THC dependent nor has any additive. It is therefore recommended for regular health maintenance as it is a non-toxic CBD Oil Tincture.  A 30ml bottle holds 30 drops max.

CBD Oil Tincture – Health for Everyone

The available quantities are 500mg CBD Oil Tincture and 1000mg CBD Oil Tincture. The Serving size is mostly 1 dropper on regular basis. If you are experiencing pain, 500 mg strength bottle of CBD tincture should safeguard you from pain, anxiety, stress, and uneasiness.  You should not forget to check how the product has been rated this will reinforce your belief in the quality and effectiveness of the product.

When experiencing pain, just apply a few drops of the cannabinoid solution to remove uneasiness. This CBD tincture brings down the scathing sensation giving patients something to smile about. If you would want to experience dynamic relief, you must take the 17 mg tincture.

Eve Taylor  

Having only been taking the oil for little over a week I wasnt expecting to notice much change to my severe osteo arthritis pain, but already my knee is less painful first thing in the morning. The service is prompt. Great. Highly recommended! thank youuuuuuu!



I love CBD oil.  It has made a remarkable difference. I have four ruptured disc in my back and a twisted colon and I was on extremely strong pain medicine including morphine and now I’m off my pain medicine it has been 2 months and I am pain free

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  • Peter says:

    Really happy with this product, the price seems fair. It is full spectrum so that is apparently the key when considering CBD products.

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