4 Things to Remember When Treating Anxiety with CBD

By July 6, 2018Blog, CBD Benefits
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If you have a generalized anxiety disorder, then we’ve got the same problem. I used to think it wasn’t an anxiety disorder at all. From time to time, my ears would ring, my heart would drop, and my chest would tighten. Everything seemed so fast, and I had a harder time keeping up. This was bearable until I started having panic attacks.

I could be working just fine until I’d get an abrupt feeling that I needed to be elsewhere for no reason at all. I’d run through the hallway, dealing with hyperventilation, a waterfall of tears, and uncontrollable shaking. In March, I couldn’t even leave home due to my anxiety disorder. I needed to do something about this.

My doctor prescribed me medication like SSRIs and Xanax. Apparently, it was the best way to handle my systems and help my nervous system relax. Since I was into natural healing, we also worked out how to utilize CBD hemp oil, breathing exercises, and essential oils to treat my anxiety.

Since I’ve heard about it so much, I decided to ask my doctor about medical marijuana. When it comes to anxiety and cannabis, there is a mix of positive and negative comments. For some people, it worsened their anxiety. For others, they felt a lot better. After talking about it thoroughly with my doctor, I decided I wanted to try it. I went to California and got my medical marijuana card and begun experimenting. Here are 4 things I’ve learned.

Get professional advice

Don’t just start treating your anxiety with marijuana just because you read it in an article on the Internet. You still need to consult with a health care professional. They’ll give you advice personalized just for your unique needs. You can go to a medical marijuana dispensary. They usually have employees who are familiar with treating anxiety with weed. They can recommend a good combination of THC and CBD, what strains are best, and what you need to do for specific symptoms.

Don’t forget checking marijuana’s state of legality in your area. If you want safe and effective products, buy from sources that are credible and legal. You don’t want to get scammed and by something with no CBD at all! If you’re buying from a medical dispensary, don’t feel shy around the consultants. You can directly tell them what you want and need. Do you want something to uplift you during the day? Do you want something to calm you down before sleep? Do you want to get high, or not? Let them know what you are currently doing to deal with anxiety. And questions are very much welcome. It’s their job to answer you, and it’s for your health’s sake!

Try different techniques

There are a lot of ways to consume weed. You can take it in a tincture, vape it, smoke it, or eat it. You might like one method better than the others. Personally, I prefer edibles since I love eating and I don’t have to deal with smoke or vapor. If you want something easy on your lungs that doesn’t smell so much, try vaping. For something that acts fast and is inconspicuous, tinctures are a great option. If you like rubbing oils, try CBD oil, or you also find THC oil For sale.

These different methods also have different effective times. With vaping and tinctures, you can feel the CBD affect you in a few minutes. Edibles, on the other hand, usually take 1 to 2 hours.

Experiment with strains

There are over 100 cannabinoids in marijuana. Some get you high, and some don’t. It depends on the ratio of non-psychoactive components to THC. THC is one of the most important cannabinoids in marijuana. CBD crystals isolate another, but unlike THC, it has no psychoactive effects. You can still take advantage of its medical benefits without the high. It’s a lot safer than opioids to manage pain.

Find out how sensitive and tolerant you are so you can figure out which strain is perfect for you. Start at the bottom before you go to the top and take things slow. Work with the lowest THC to CBD ratios first. If it doesn’t provoke your anxiety but doesn’t do much to treat it either, you can slowly move up. Eventually, you’ll find what dosage and strain are best for you. If you’re feeling any paranoia or panic, dial things down or try a different strain.

Everyone isn’t the same

Some people feel worse after taking marijuana. Others relax, sleep better, and are improved overall. Individuals have varying reactions to medications, and this applies to marijuana too. We need to work out how we can get the most out of it while dealing with any possible side effects.

I remember when I tried marijuana for the very first time. Feelings of overwhelming anxiety and paranoia hit me, which is the opposite of what I wanted. That didn’t scare me, though. The consultant at the medical dispensary told me to start with a lower dosage with a different strain. Posts on the Internet can scare you away from marijuana, but anecdotes aren’t always factual.  I really found some CBD oil for Better Sleep. Experimenting ended positively with me finding what perfectly treated my anxiety.

Final Puff

It’s important to be in charge of your health and well-being. Do your research, talk to a professional, and don’t get scared if things don’t work at first. Just like me, you’ll find the perfect strain and dosage, along with a better way of treating your anxiety!

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